OSHC Pilot Project Good Practices Report

20 July 2012

The content of this special report summarizes the brief and successful story of the FADCANIC’s Organization for Safe and Healthy Communities Pilot Project, implemented between November 2010 and May 2012 with funding from the United States Embassy in Nicaragua.

The report provides a systematic overview of how the Pilot Project was carried out, the factors that shaped the implementation of each of its main components, and the benefits that were perceived by key informants consulted for this review. This content is presented in Part One.

Part Two includes a selection of seven local and municipal experiences considered by the reporter as reflective of the broad impact that the Pilot Project achieved on existing and emerging community practices. These experiences address security issues in various settings and across different levels of influence in the community, and many of their elements can be taken as good practices which might work in places with similar conditions.

The Third Part and last of this report compiles a list the lessons that were learned along the way and recommendations presented by the key informants and listed under three headings:

1. Building Support and Developing Relationships,
2. Improving Intervention and Evaluation, and
3. Underlying Principles.

It is hoped that these recommendations as well as the insights gleaned from this description of the OSHC Pilot Project will prove useful to the formulation of a long term, comprehensive program which can be carried out at a larger scale in the region.

 For more information about the OSHC Project, please contact FADCANIC's Education Programs Coordinator Hazel Wilson Nash - hwilson@fadcanic.org.ni

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