Educational Projects

Program of education and technical training FADCANIC

At all levels of education administration, from elementary school to the University, FADCANIC inserted his program of education and technical training to join efforts with programs of the MINED in order to leverage and optimize resources directed to formal and non formal education, no doubt that there is good communication and coordination between FADCANIC and others involved in education in the various sub systems.


Pearl Lagoon Model School

Since February 2003 the project emphasizes that the municipality has for the first time a model education in the sense that it seeks to demonstrate the proper conditions under which children should receive bilingual education to make them competitive in future educational opportunities including the labor market. The aim is to lay down a school model that will be able to serve as a certain example of bilingual intercultural education for all schools in the Autonomous regions.


Teacher Professionalization Project of the RAAS

Teacher's Professionalization Course aims to raise the general level of teachers of the RAAS, by way of improving the quality of the education of students from these regions particularly at primary education level.