Since 1990  FADCANIC has been promoting  programs and projects in the different communities of  the Autonomous Regions of Nicaragua. Accompanying the indigenous and multiethnic Nicaraguan Caribbean in their efforts to improve the living standards of men, women, boys and girls. Their efforts have materialized through strengthening local capacities of education and technical training in the rational use and protection of natural resources, research and social outreach aimed at sustainable human development of the most vulnerable sectors of the  Caribbean Coast.

In the educational field FADCANIC's greatest achievements has been its contribution to the creation and establishment of URACCAN (Regional University of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua), the execution (on the program of empirical Teacher Professionalization of the RAAS for over 7 years and the project Training of professionals for the strengthening of the autonomy of the RAAN model school project for Strengthening the Preschool Education and Intercultural Bilingual Elementary in Pearl Lagoon, the proposed Rama-language educational materials, and the Bachelor Degree project in Educational Sciences for Teachers of Waspam-RAAN.

FADCANIC has had considerable impact mainly on improving the quality of life and  the capacities of local organizations of  indigenous peoples and ethnic communities, giving greater participation to women through the implementation of more than 20 projects.