FADCANIC´s Mission and Strategies

The mission of FADCANIC is to nurture, strengthen and develop the process of Autonomy of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua from civil society through the qualitative transformation of social, economic, cultural and political relations that benefit the indigenous and ethnic communities of the region.


  • Promote the development of the region based on the specific characteristics of its multiethnic, multilingual and multicultural communities.
  • Promote use of the natural resources and biodiversity of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua in a rational and sustainable way by and for the benefit of coastal population and the nation in its entirety.
  • Rescue, conserve, develop and disseminate the cultural patrimony of the Autonomous Regions.
  • Maximize the human and natural resources of the region as the foundation for the consolidation of Autonomy.
  • Ensure first call for the children of the Caribbean Coast in every endeavor.
  • Ensure broad and effective participation of coastal women in all regional affairs.
  • Make global science and technology accessible to the region´s indigenous peoples.
  • Work together with no political, economic, religious, language, gender, ethnic or any other form of discrimination among beneficiaries.
  • Forge genuine unity by protecting and nurturing our diversity.
  • Promote knowledge and experience sharing among the regional, national and global cultures, to disseminate the process of Autonomy as a dynamic and transformative model.

FADCANIC´s Institutional Strategy

Our strategy is defined by the priorities that the peoples and communities of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua demand to change and improve their living conditions, and by FADCANIC´s own contributions to the Autonomy process. On this basis, the strategy identifies the following goals and priorities:

  • Seek to provide people´s access to effective means for a sustainable and rational use of the region´s biodiversity and natural wealth, in order to raise their living conditions to dignified levels as well as to enable them a protagonist role in building a more fruitful future.
  • Educate and build the capacity of community-based male and female leadership for self-management and negotiation needed to bridge generational gaps and lead the way in their communities, municipalities, regions, and beyond.
  • Prevent and respond quickly and effectively to natural and man-made disasters to mitigate their impact on the region´s population and resources.
  • Articulate FADCANIC interventions linking rational and sustainable development with the defense and consolidation of the process of autonomy of the Indigenous Peoples and Ethnic Communities of the Autonomous Regions of Caribbean Nicaragua.