Over 600 Students of All Ages Participate in FADCANIC´s 2016 Cultural Revitalization Program

14 June 2016

On January 4, 2016, FADCANIC celebrated the 9th edition of its Cultural Revitalization Program in Pearl Lagoon with an initial enrollment of 623 children, youth and adults from 17 communities belonging to the municipalities of Bluefields, Corn Island, Desembocadura de Rio Grande, Kukra Hill, and Pearl Lagoon.

FADCANIC´s Cultural Revitalization Program is an annual event that takes place at the Pearl Lagoon Academy of Excellence (PLACE) in January during Nicaraguan school holidays. Throughout the month, the PLACE offers a variety of intensive courses attending academic as well as technical and vocational, artistic and life skills interests.

The entire Cultural Revitalization Program is organized in conjunction with a number of partner organizations and collaborations. This year, the Program delivered 35 courses, listed by type in the table below:

As in previous years, these capacity-building workshops are complemented with a number of special activities and services that are provided free of cost to the people of Pearl Lagoon. Special activities this year included:

• Free optometry services provied by the Williams College Eye Care Brigade and the non-profits VOSH New England and Restoring Vision.Org.
• Basketball and Volleyball flash tournaments organized by FADCANIC and USAID´s Education for Success Program with the participation of male and female teams from the communities of Raitipura, Haulover and Pearl Lagoon.
• Cinema nights sponsored by the FADCANIC and INL´s Violence and Drug Prevention Campaign: Change Now, Just Do It. The cinema nights include blockbuster movies, with a message, projected in the municipal park and in the Culture House of Pearl Lagoon, as well as in Raitipura and Haulover.

FADCANIC´s Cultural Revival Program is funded by the Norwegian Academic’s and Student’s International Assistance Fund (SAIH) since 2008. Since 2011, the Program is also funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through its Education for Success Project.

This year, the event was carried out in conjunction with the “Change Now, Just Do It” campaign of the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Office of the United States Embassy in Nicaragua and the Creative Indigenous Women Project of the Ford Foundation.

The 2016 Cultural Revitalization Program was also made possible thanks to the collaboration of volunteers from the Ennactus Club and the Upper Iowa University Business School, and to contributions by various hotels and hostels in Pearl Lagoon.