Education for Success Trains Volleyball Instructors: By Day 5 There Were No Late Arrivals

In Nicaragua the habit of arriving late is rooted so deeply that we have coined the expression “Nica time”. Sometimes this “Nica time” is even written on invitations, allowing the invitee to arrive whenever they like, and liberating the host of the responsibility of starting the activity at a set time.


EFS High School Basketball League in Bluefields

05/30/2014 15:00
America/El Salvador

Friday, May 30, Education for Success (EFS) inaugurated a secondary basketball league with the participation of six teams from different high schools in Bluefields.

The league will feature teams from the San Marcos, Moravian, Adventist, Baptist, INATEC as well as of EFS vocational course graduates.

Project Success! U.S. Embassy Reports Safer and Healthier Communities in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region

In 2013, the U.S. Embassy in Managua partnered with the Foundation for Autonomy and Development of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua (FADCANIC) to implement a one-year pilot project focusing on the four most dangerous neighborhoods of the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) on the Caribbean Coast. The project’s goal was to create healthy and safe communities by increasing citizen security.

EFS prepares volunteer football trainers

FADCANIC and USAID’s Education for Success Program conducted its first workshop with the instructors who will be supporting sports activities in the disciplines of indoor soccer and regular outdoor football in Rama Cay, Corn Island, Little Island, Wawashang, and other communities in the municipalities of Bluefields and Desembocadura del Río Grande.

This sports training took place 23 to 25 May, at the Youth Training Center that the project has established in the neighborhood of Beholden in Bluefields.

EFS Regional Cooking Course in Bluefields

America/El Salvador

June 5 through July 10, 2013, FADCANIC and USAID’s Education for Success Program is delivering its first short vocational course on regional cooking for youth in Bluefields.

The course will be held at the newly established EFS Youth Training Center, which is located in the neighborhood of Beholden next to the Adventist Primary School.

Validating and Modeling Strategies for EFS Life Skills Training

America/El Salvador


May 20 through 29, the Education for Success Project’s (EFS) technical team and strategic partners will be involved in a series of activities linked to the participatory development of the project’s life skills program.

EFS Raises Awareness of Corn Island Youth about Teen Pregnancy

With the aim to raise awareness about teen pregnancy and the risks associated with young people taking on responsibilities they are not prepared for at an early age, this April 12, the Education for Success (EFS) Counseling Service sensitized on this issue 44 youth who receive primary and secondary scholarships from the EFS Program in Little and Big Corn Island.

II AIR-Led Training Session on Social Research Methods

05/17/2013 09:00
America/El Salvador


May 17, American Institutes for Research (AIR) consultant Franklin Sequeira is facilitating the second of a series of four training sessions on social research methodologies for FADCANIC staff.


The training is linked to the implementation of the study denominated Survey of Knowledge, Aspirations, Perceptions and Participation of Youth in the Regime of Autonomy (ECCAP/JRA for its Spanish abbreviation).