FADCANIC´s Cultural Revitalization Program Grows in its Variety and Integrality

Five year old Janner Sacarías stole the show Friday, February 2,when he appeared on stage to play a solo on a trumpet almost his own size. It was the close of FADCANIC´s 2018 Cultural Revitalization Program at Pearl Lagoon´s Academy of Excellence (PLACE) and the auditorium was jam-packed. But Janner was not intimidated at all, playing with a confidence that belied the fact that he had never held a trumpet before enrolling this January in the month-long musical course that FADCANIC has been delivering every year in Pearl Lagoon since 2007.

Over 600 Students of All Ages Participate in FADCANIC´s 2016 Cultural Revitalization Program

On January 4, 2016, FADCANIC celebrated the 9th edition of its Cultural Revitalization Program in Pearl Lagoon with an initial enrollment of 623 children, youth and adults from 17 communities belonging to the municipalities of Bluefields, Corn Island, Desembocadura de Rio Grande, Kukra Hill, and Pearl Lagoon.

USAID Nicaragua´s New Mission Director Ted Gehr Visits PLACE in Pearl Lagoon

FADCANIC´s Pearl Lagoon Academy of Excellence (PLACE) received the visit yesterday of USAID Nicaragua´s new Mission Director Ted Gehr and USAID Education Specialist Alicia Slate.

Mr Gehr and Ms Slate were in Pearl Lagoon to participate in a reading festival organized USAID’s Community Action for Reading and Security Project (CARS) for around a hundred first, second, and third grade students from the four communities in the Greater Pearl Lagoon area, to commemorate International Literacy Day, which is celebrated around the world on September 8.

Agenda de Innovacion

 La Fundación para la Autonomía y el Desarrollo de la Costa Atlántica de Nicaragua, FADCANIC, a través de su programa Agenda para la Innovación, como parte del proceso de acompañar a la población multiétnica de la Costa Caribe Nicaragüense, ha promoviendo la Implementación y ejecución del proyecto durante los dos últimos año en seis municipios de la


US Embassy’s Martha Youth Visits FADCANIC and Peace Corps Applied Learning Initiative in Rama Cay

June 2, Martha Youth, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Managua visited the Clemente Bailey Secondary High School in Rama Cay, where the Education for Success Program (EFS) in coordination with Peace Corps is helping teachers to teach geography using an arts methodology that includes mural painting and learning key life-skills.

Education for Success Trains Youth on How to Organize Campaigns to Prevent Alcohol Use and Abuse

In 2015, children and youth who participate in FADCANIC and USAID’s Education for Success Program (EFS) will carry out campaigns aimed at the prevention of alcoholism among youth.

The campaigns are part of a series of initiatives the program is taking to build and strengthen life skills among youth in the region. Across five coastal municipalities, 13 communities will be participating with campaigns planned and developed by EFS youth mentors, tutors, and communicators.

EFS Youth Commemorate Caribbean Nicaragua Autonomy With Intercultural Festival in Karawala

Education for Success´ (EFS) First Intercultural festival took place October 30, in the community of Karawala with the participation of 150 primary and secondary school students from the municipalities of Corn Island, Bluefields, Kukra Hill, Pearl Lagoon and the hosting municipality, Desembocadura del Rio Grande.

EFS Youth Bet on Traditional Caribbean Handicrafts

As of June 2, Education for Success (EFS) is running its second crafts workshop in Bluefields for out of school and out of work youth. The artisanal handicrafts course has had a big demand among the young people attending the program´s vocational training. Tourism is growing in the region but it is still not easy to find native arts, crafts and souvenirs so there is a big market for quality handicrafts made out of coconut shells and rosewood.